Dark Tech Effects has serviced many escape game attractions using our different areas of expertise. From programming a digital playback machine for a pre-show and countdown timer to designing, programming, and installing full attractions and puzzles. We have also created and installed GUI’s (graphic user interfaces) for game masters to take full control over the puzzles and flow of the attraction. We can even automate your whole show so that no reset or interaction from a game master is necessary.

We have also developed two puzzles that we can customize for our clients.  The first is a human chain puzzle.  Guests have to touch one metal object in the room, link hands, and then touch a second metal device completing the human circuit and solving the puzzle.

The second puzzle is a knock knock puzzle.  Guests have to knock a certain pattern in order to solve this puzzle.  The knock pattern is fully programmable and can actually be a Morse code word by using long and short pauses between knocks.

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