Morbid Curiosity is an extra sensory interactive haunt parlor experience where special effects help aid in contacting the spirits. This attraction was built for Spookywoods in North Carolina. Guests enter the seance room where they can take in the surrounding oddities and antiques as others are shown their seat. The host of the evening details a story of spirits that have tried to reach over into our world and tonight, with the help of the guests, he is going to try to finally bring one through.

Pictures are laid onto the table and guests select which spirit they will try to contact this evening. Needless to say there is always one spirit that can not be tamed and seems to wreck havoc on the host, guests, and surrounding room. Lighting, audio, and special effects are all automated with show control equipment to give guests a heart pounding scare as they come face to face with an evil spirit that is determined to be heard one last time. You can read quotes from guests who have experienced this attraction below.

Morbid Curiosity, was WELL WORTH it. My daughter was so scared she was stiff, wouldn’t turn around, and had my fingers in a death grip.
Mary Doyle, (Spookywoods Fan)
I know the other people who were in Morbid Curiosity with me and my friends were screaming and it was very fun. Don’t miss it.
bethyboo, (Spookywoods Fan)
OMG Morbid Curiosity really freaked us out and set the mood for the rest of the haunt!
Sabrina Ralston, (Spookywoods Fan)
Morbid Curiosity is worth the extra ticket!
Elizabeth Smith, (Spookywoods Fan)
Bill was so meticulous in coming up with every little detail and made our new side attraction a huge success from the first show.
Tony Wohlgemuth, Spookywoods Owner