Dark Tech Effects had the pleasure of working with Puzzle Break on their current expansion in Seattle, WA.  We were responsible for programming and installation of a dueling escape game themed as a Seance.  We provided show control, lighting, audio equipment, and a custom graphical user interface for the game masters.

The dueling aspect of this game allows large groups to split up into two identical rooms.  Once the groups have begun escaping, they are kept informed of the other group’s progress with lighted candles, so each team knows exactly how each is progressing.

Another unique addition to this escape attraction was the programming of a SQL database that tracks the teams progress throughout the game.  The database allows Puzzle break to see detailed information such as how long the team took to complete each task, their percentage of success based upon past groups, and other relevant factors.  This aids Puzzle Break in creating a game that is both enjoyable and the correct difficulty.