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“Morbid Curiosity, was WELL WORTH it. My daughter was so scared she was stiff, wouldn’t turn around, and had my fingers in a death grip.”
Mary Doyle - Guest Experience
“I know the other people who were in Morbid Curiosity with me and my friends were screaming and it was very fun. Don’t miss it.”
bethyboo - Guest Experience
“OMG Morbid Curiosity really freaked us out and set the mood for the rest of the haunt!”
Sabrina Ralston - Guest Experience
“Morbid Curiosity is worth the extra ticket!”
Elizabeth Smith - Guest Experience
“Dark Tech Effects was so meticulous in coming up with every little detail and made our new side attraction a huge success from the first show.”
Tony Wohlgemuth, Kersey Valley Attractions
“Dark Tech Effects helped us from day one when we came up with the idea of trying something new at our attraction.”
Danny Decker, Eerie Productions
“Dark Tech Effects is awesome to work with. We have had their human circuit in production almost 3 months now with no issues. Great Customer service.”
Karen Abrams, Co-Owner at Escape Zone Ohio
“I would highly recommend Dark Tech Effects for any lighting project. His professionalism and expertise make him the go to guy for lighting in the haunted house space.”
Steve Kopelman, Haunted Attraction Owner & COO @ Escape the Room
“Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Dark Tech Effects!  Just finished installing their “plug and play” hall sensor puzzle and they work like a charm!”
Toby Farley, Escape Room Owner

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